• 150g - 1 Patty
  • 300g - 2 Patties
  • 600g - 4 Patties
Hamburger Grain-Fed
¥37.50 /150g - 1 Patty

There’s nothing more satisfying and delicious than a great burger. But even when it comes to this simple staple, quality makes a huge difference. That’s why our pre-made hamburgers are made with premium prime beef for the highest quality and prepared to order for maximum freshness. The result: burgers that pack all the rich, unctuous flavor you desire that are every bit as delectable as the ones you would find in your favorite restaurant. Whether cooked in the kitchen or on the barbecue in your back garden, prepare for the finest homemade burger you’ve ever made.

Cooking tip
Cook your burgers exactly as you would cook a steak, in a really hot pan and without squashing them. Let it rest after cooking and only then season them with salt & pepper.