Mishima Reserve

We import all of our Wagyu beef from Mishima reserve in the United States. Mishima consists of a handpicked network of family ranchers, who nurture and protect the defining characteristics of the Kuroge Washu bloodlines. By following the Mishima Reserve Method, they honor this distinctive breed, whose bloodlines trace back to Japan and the Mishima Islands.

The Mishima reserve cattle are long-fed and raised over the course of 25 to 28 months (18 to 20 is an industry standard). By allowing them to gain weight slowly, they maximize the superior characteristics of the prized Wagyu breed. 

Mishima controls every aspect of cattle development, with a focus on humane and caring practices that include open access to clean water and fresh air. Mishima reserve has a zero-tolerance policy for growth promotants or added hormones. 

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We import all of our Grain-fed beef from New-Zealand, which is succulent and tender and simply melts in the mouth. It comes from hand selected cattle, raised for 18 months on nutritionally rich pastures, before enjoying a high-quality GMO-free grain diet in a stress-free coastal feedlot.

ANZCO supplies Swiss Butchery with premium Ocean Beef. This beef originates from an idyllic location on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Ocean Beef is a unique product blessed by the best grass, the best grains and fresh sea air.

No steroids or hormones are added to any of their animals and the entire product range is produced naturally.

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Maple Leaf’s Lethbridge Pork

Maple Leaf, founded in 1927, is Canada’s oldest and biggest meat processing company. With more than 11.000 employees distributed across North America and Asia, they have become one of the world’s highest quality pork producers.

The Lethbridge hogs are all the same genetics: LWD = Large White (female) x Duroc (male). They are fed with high quality barley and wheat to obtain the best marbling. The use of growth promotants is strictly prohibited to ensure an unadulterated taste and a healthy fresh meat.

In order to provide the highest quality assurance, Lethbridge processes the hogs in a HACCP approved facility, with 5 full time staff in Quality Assurance Department, 5 full time CFIA Inspectors, & 1 full time Veterinarian-in-charge.

The hogs are raised following these measures to ensure the well being of the animal:

● Low stress environment

● Barn employees trained in Humane Hog Handling techniques

● Hogs are kept by producer group

● Remote video auditing of live hogs monitored 24/7 by Third Party

In 2019 and 2020, Maple Leaf has received the highest grading certification from the Annual International Taste Institute for its rich tasting, and enticingly tender and juicy textured pork.

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T. Boer & Zn.

All of the veal sold at Swiss Butchery is imported from the Netherlands. It is raised and processed by T. Boer & Zn., which began as a family business in 1885. Now, more than a century later, it has grown into one of the world’s largest veal slaughterhouses. It is also the only veal slaughterhouse in the Netherlands with a royal distinction, that of appointment to the court or Hofleverancier. T. Boer & Zn. is a subsidiary of the larger VanDrie Group.

Every year, some 400 employees process more than 400,000 calves originating from the VanDrie Group’s controlled, integrated chain. T. Boer & Zn. exports veal to more than 60 countries worldwide. The slaughtering, deboning and scalded products processes take place at a processing plant specifically designed for this purpose. At a second location the veal is further processed according to customers’ specific wishes for cuts, and that consumer products are finished. This is all done in accordance with the most stringent health, safety and quality assurance.

At T. Boer & Zn. animal welfare and CSR are high on the list of priorities. Throughout the entire chain, the VanDrie Group and T. Boer & Zn. are committed to the highest level of animal health. They ensure proper transport conditions, decent housing, proper care and feed for all of their calves. All calves are free to walk around in groups, live in ventilated stalls and enjoy sunlight throughout the day.

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Alliance Group

New Zealand is globally known for their grass-fed beef as well as their lamb. Here at Swiss Butchery, all of our grass-fed beef and lamb meat is from New Zealand, sourced to us by Alliance Group. Alliance Group was founded in 1948, by a group of farmers who took it upon themselves to process and market high-quality meat and co-products to international markets. In modern times, the group is a farmer-owned co-operative and has stayed true to their goals of high-quality meat from day one.

Alliance group aims to do well by their animals and that means all animals raised by Alliance enjoy the five freedoms, which are:

● Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition.

● Freedom from thermal and physical discomfort.

● Freedom from disease and injury.

● Freedom from fear and distress.

● Freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour.

All farmers participating in the Alliance Group Farm Assurance Programme commit to upholding these five requirements for animal health, stock nutrition, shelter, yarding, stockmanship and transport.

Furthermore, grass-fed beef and grass-fed lamb from Alliance Group is, as it says, powered by grass. This means that the meat is sustainable, abundant and fed by rainwater or from one of New Zealand’s many rivers. No steroids or hormones are added to any of their animals and the entire product range is produced naturally.

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