What are Swiss Butchery opening hours?

Shanghai Hong Qiao Store

Operating Hours: 9:00 - 19:00

Huacao Experience Center

Operating Hours:8:00 - 18:00

Shanghai Jin Qiao Store

Operating Hours:9:00 - 19:00

Shanghai Xu Hui Store

Operating Hours:9:00 - 20:00

How much does delivery cost?

If the order is over RMB600 – then delivery is free! If under RMB600, delivery is just RMB50.

How about the delivery arrangement after online order placed?

Order placed before 16h00 will be delivered tomorrow (=the next day).

Orders placed after 16h00 will be delivered the day after tomorrow (= 2 days later).

What logistics company is Swiss Butchery using to enable next day delivery?

Swiss Butchery uses Shun Feng (SF) Express logistics, which is recognized as having among the most reliable and fastest delivery in China. Under normal circumstances, SF Express delivery next day fresh provided someone is at home to receive the goods. Only under special circumstances such as bad weather, they may be delayed by one day.

Do you deliver everywhere in China?

SF Express delivers to over 1,300 cities in China. This covers the vast majority of urban population.

Can I track my delivery status?

Yes. Upon dispatch from our warehouse, customers can follow the exact location of their parcel via SF’s integrated tracking system.

Do you have a return and/or refund policy?

No, unless there is evidence that Swiss Butchery was at fault in sending you wrong product. We take great pride in sending you the freshest and highest quality products, and trust for your understanding that only in exceptional cases where we were at fault will agreed to refunds. Given the limited shelf life and food safety risks, we cannot accept any product returns.

How do you ensure meat stays fresh?

After 6 months of testing with various cold supply chain alternatives at different temperatures, Swiss Butchery identified a solution consisting of Styrofoam, insulation materials, and dry ice gel packs that has proven to be effective to keep temperatures below 4 degrees for up to 36 hours.

Why is Swiss Butchery one of the few online retailers that offers their meat fresh?

Swiss Butchery invested in chilled airfreight, chilled storage, and chilled logistics right from the beginning. This investment, combined with over 100 years of Swiss butchery expertise, allows us to provide next day fresh service that most others lack the capability of.

Is Swiss Butchery’s entire meat assortment available online?

With the exception of our raw sausages, cheese and breaded product like schnitzel and cordon bleu, Swiss Butchery offers its entire fresh meat and sausages assortment.

What happens if I am not at home during delivery or SF is unable to contact me?

If SF delivery fails to find someone at home or identify the right address, the product will be returned to SF warehouse and kept in chilled storage. SF will attempt to agree on a new delivery time in the next few hours via calling the customer. This is why it is of great importance that you indicate the right address and your phone number correctly.

What do I do if I can’t find the goods I intend to purchase online?

Our customer service hot-line is available from 9am-6pm every day. Our dedicated service team will assist you in any way possible to fulfill your needs.

What do I do if I want to order a particular cut that is not offered on the website?

We will always seek to make the cut available of your liking. Please contact us by email: info@swissbutchery.com or call our service hotline for assistance.021 – 5223 5629.

Am I able to receive a Fapiao with my order?

Yes, we are happy to issue and send you a Fapiao together with our product. Please add the Fapiao request and relevant details during check out in the comment box.