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  • 500g
Beef Cubes for Stew
¥130.00 /500g

What could be better than a hearty, warming bowl of home-cooked stew filled with luxurious, fork-tender chunks of beef? Our beef cubes are crafted precisely for this purpose, prepared by our master butchers to make comfort food comfortably effortless. We recommend searing first to create a layer of deep, umami-rich beefy flavor before cooking them low and slow in a stew or curry. 

Just the facts
- Imported from Australia
- Certified Grain-fed
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth
- Fresh, never frozen

Cooking tip
Searing the beef cubes for a few minutes is an essential first step, before simmering your stew for approximately two hours. Add hearty vegetables halfway through cooking. If you plan to include delicate vegetables, wait to add them until a few minutes before taking the stew off the heat.