Braised Beef in Brown Sauce

60 min
2 persons
  • 400g Tri Tip Grain-Fed
  • 15g Red Chili
  • 10g Garlic
  • 2g Ginger
  • 2g Shallot
  • 2piece Star anise
  • 4piece Cardamom
  • 15ml Yellow rice wine
  • 200g Yellow rock sugar
  • 15ml Red vinegar
  • 15ml Dark soy sauce

1.     Cut the beef into large pieces and blanch it until there is no blood inside and outside. Take it out for standby;

2.     Add oil to the pan, stir fry red chili, ginger, onion, garlic until fragrant. Then put star anise, cardamom, beef cubs, yellow rice wine and water;

3.     Add dark soy sauce, yellow rock sugar and red vinegar, cover the pot and simmer for an hour;

4.     Pour the sauce on the beef continuously during the juice collection, and add salt according to your personal taste;

5.     When loading the plate, you can add a little shredded carrot, coriander and other decorations according to your preferences

The beef is ready to eat. Enjoy!