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Ribeye Grain-Fed
¥180.00 /300g

The Ribeye is the first choice of many steak lovers because it is known as one of richest and tenderest cuts of beef there is, densely marbled with fat to produce a rich, buttery, luxurious flavor and texture. This makes it perfect for roasting whole as well as cutting up into smaller steaks. Our Angus ribeye, imported fresh from New Zealand, is also certified grain-fed. A grain diet imparts beef with an even richer flavor and more tender texture than a grass diet. Simply put, this ribeye is perfect for any beef-enthusiast seeking out the most sublime beefy flavor possible in a single cut. 

Just the facts 
- Imported from New-Zealand 
- Certified Grain-Fed Beef
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth 
- Fresh, never frozen