Rack Cap On Grass-Fed
¥324.00 /600g

For real lovers of lamb, a rack of ribs is the only way to go. Ours comes with a sumptuous cap of fat on the top which will render and melt into the meat below during cooking, making every bite an indulgent delight. We recommend searing the cap first on high heat to crisp it up and create even more flavor before roasting to your preference at 190˚C / 374˚F. Though rich with fat, the flavor of the meat itself is too delicate and delicious to drown in rich sauces. Light sprinklings of salt and herbs, along with some butter, are ideal. This rack of lamb is imported fresh from Pure South, a 100% farmer-owned cooperative in New Zealand known for producing safe, healthy, free-range lamb. 

 Just the facts
- Grass-fed 
- Free range
- Imported from New Zealand
- Free of growth-promoting hormones
- Available fresh and frozen

For online orders we always aim to deliver you freshly, never frozen products. In case we are unable to deliver fresh we will send you defrosted products and indicate it on the packaging.