Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye
¥575.00 /250g

At Swiss Butchery you can find a premium selection of  Wagyu imported beef cuts. The Wagyu  Ribeye with its abundant marbling and intense flavor is perfect for that special dinner party. It guarantees a sensational steak or roast  experience. On top of that, it is packed with omega 3 and 6, and healthier mono-saturated fats. This is no ordinary beef. This is something amazing you have to try. 

Just the facts
- Certified Wagyu
- Marbling score 8+ (range 0-9) 
- Imported from US
- Grain-fed for 400-650 days 

What is dry aging?
Dry aging works by exposing the beef to a carefully controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity levels. In addition to an increase in tenderness, the flavor of the beef is altered during this process from a combination of bacteria, enzyme breakdown and oxidation. During the process the meat shrinks a lot because the water and collagen (what makes a steak tough) is broken down. So the result is a very tasty and tender cut of beef, unlike non-dry aged beefs.