• 150g
Pancetta Roll
¥48.00 /150g

Pancetta is Italy’s answer to American-style streaky bacon, a rich cured meat made from fatty, indulgent pork belly. Ours is produced and smoked in Italy using the finest locally sourced pork, with a deep, complex and salty flavor enriched with a signature blend of herbs and spices. It is a traditional ingredient in carbonara, a classic Italian pasta dish, but it can be also used to add greater richness to a Bolognese sauce, to level up your next BLT sandwich, or as a flavor-enhancing topping on a healthy salad.  

Just the facts
- Seasoned according to Italian recipe
- No hormones or harmful traces of antibiotics

Cooking tip
This pancetta is a welcome addition to a Bolognese or Carbonara pasta. Or spice up your lunch with a smoked pancetta BLT or as the finishing touch on a pear and arugula salad.