Joselito Ibérico Ham 70g

Ibérico Ham is one of Spain’s defining delicacies, and the ham produced by Joselito is simply some of the finest in the world. It is crafted from the meat Iberian pigs that are raised in open range woodlands and fed on a diet of acorns, which gives the ham its signature subtle, heavenly and heavily prized flavors. Joselito’s pigs are among the few that spend two years feeding and fattening on acorns instead of one year, making their ham even richer and more nuanced than most Ibérico. 

Aged in natural drying houses and cellars, which produces even more refined flavors and aromas, this is a truly premium product, one that is amongst the finest meats on the planet. 

Just the facts

- Imported from Spain

- Certified Ibérico de Bellota, the high quality of Ibérico ham

- Gluten-free