Tuna Loin

Tuna might be the ultimate healthy indulgence, rich in flavor but low in saturated fats, sublimely textured and packed with vitamins, omega-3 and antioxidants.  For our tuna loins, we use only wild tuna which is sustainably caught in the South Indian Ocean. We do this not only for ethical reasons, but also because we are convinced that wild, sustainably harvested tuna is healthier and simply tastes better than the farmed fish that you might be used to. 

Served boneless in 250g packs, these loins are the perfect size for cooking as a tuna steak and sharing between two along with some simple roasted vegetables. Their superior quality means that they are also 100% safe and delicious served raw, whether diced into a delectable tuna tartare or over rice for restaurant-rivaling nigiri sushi. 

Just the facts

- Caught in the South Indian Ocean

- Sustainable fishing