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  • 160g Slices
Grandor Edam 40+Red Wax Ball
¥27.20 /160g Slices

Edam is one of the best-known cheeses from the Netherlands. The traditional round cheese was originally produced in the little town of Edam in the north of the country and is made from pasteurised cow’s milk…


Besides being known for its unique flavour, Edam mainly became famous for its traditional round shape and red paraffin coating. Edam cheese has a lower fat content than Dutch Gouda, for example. This semi-hard cheese is now produced in various other countries.


It is therefore now possible to choose the age and format as well as the land of origin. Edam cheese can be incorporated into various dishes, both at room temperature and in hot dishes.

Just the facts

- Imported from the Netherlands

- Pasteurized cheese made from cow milk

- Mild in taste