• 2 Pieces 200g
Snail Pork Sausage
¥42.00 /2 Pieces 200g

Our snail sausages get their unique name from their appearance – they are arranged in circles on skewers, making for a fun, unique presentation and cooking method, as well as making them perfect for serving as a finger food at outdoor parties and barbecues. Fortunately, they include no snail but just the finest premium fresh pork and a signature blend of spices, prepared to a traditional Swiss recipe by our experienced butchers. 

Just the facts
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth
- No glutamate

Cooking tip
To prepare, just fry, grill or barbecue on medium heat for 15 minutes, turning until browned on all sides. Be careful not to prick them, as doing so would mean losing the rich juices that make these sausages so succulent and delicious.