• 2 Pieces 340g
  • 3 Pieces 510g
Smoked Bratwurst Pork Sausage
¥74.80 /2 Pieces 340g

Our smoked bratwurst sausages are tradition done right. To make them, our expert butchers select our best cuts of premium fresh Danish pork and a carefully selected blend of herbs and spices, preparing them to a quintessential German recipe and smoking them over natural wood. The resulting sausage is a spectacular demonstration as to why bratwursts are one of Germany’s most vital and most delicious culinary specialties, with a subtle smoky flavor, deep meaty richness and a heavenly, juicy texture. 

Just the facts
- Home made
- No hormones or harmful traces of antibiotics

Cooking tip
Preparing these bratwursts takes just a few minutes on the BBQ or grill, turning every one or two minutes to ensure even browning on all sides. To experience them at their fullest, enjoy them traditionally: with warm crusty bread and a smattering of spicy mustard.