• 4 Pieces 360g
Cheese Pork Sausage
¥68.40 /4 Pieces 360g

When we created our signature smoked cheese and pork sausages, we were looking to create something simple yet a little extravagant, a delicious gourmet sausage that packs a whole lot of richness and flavor. To achieve our aim, we took our premium fresh Danish pork and wrapped it around luscious gruyere cheese, taking inspiration from artisanal Swiss recipes to craft something a little more decadent than your average sausage. 

Just the facts
- Pork meat filled with imported Swiss cheese
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth

Cooking tip
To prepare, fry or grill them for 5-8 minutes to ensure that the cheese within is deliciously gooey, browning evenly on all sides and making sure not to prick them. For best results, let the flavors of these sausage shine and enjoy them simply with a side salad or some warm crusty bread.