• 2 Pieces 340g
Smoked Chorizo Pork Sausage
¥74.80 /2 Pieces 340g

Our house-specialty smoked chorizo takes everything you love about this richly spiced Spanish favorite and turns everything up a notch, creating a deeply flavorsome smoked sausage that will delight after just a few minutes on the BBQ or grill. First, we take our finest Danish pork and season it liberally with the traditional Spanish spice blend of paprika and garlic, adding some red wine for good measure and extra richness before smoking over natural wood. The result is a chorizo that packs all the flavor of a sausage you’d enjoy in a Spanish plaza, combined with a freshness that can only come from being crafted to order in the Swiss Butchery kitchen.  

Just the facts
- Home made
- No hormones or harmful traces of antibiotics

Cooking tip
Smoked Chorizo Pork Sausage is a quick and easy cook on your BBQ or grill, while turning it every minute or two so it nicely browns on all sites.