• 2 Pieces 190g
Merguez Lamb & Beef Sausage
¥45.60 /2 Pieces 190g

Merguez is a lightly spicy lamb and beef sausage native to the Maghreb, the Mediterranean region of Northern Africa. This is where it gets its unique flavor, from a blend of local spices that often include cumin, chili pepper and harissa, giving it a one-of-a-kind red color and a deeply savory taste. Our Merguez sausages are made with premium quality, low-fat beef and lamb, with no additives aside from our signature spice blend.

Just the facts
- Mix of beef and lamb
- No hormones or antibiotics 
- No MSG 
- Gluten free, dairy free 

Cooking tip
Don't prick the sausages, it would dry them out. Just fry, BBQ or grill them for 15 minutes on a medium heat, turning them every minute or two so they nicely brown on all sides.