• 2 Pieces 500g
Chicken Whole Leg
¥55.00 /2 Pieces 500g

If you’re looking for a cut of meat that is versatile enough to be a party buffet favorite, a light snack or the star of a full meal, our whole chicken legs are it. Our frozen chicken legs, sold with bone in and skin on, are delicious when marinated in your favorite selection of spices and thrown on the grill. Raised without the use of any additives, the meat is even juicy, succulent and delicious enough to slice from the bone and cook in a pie or a nourishing chicken soup. Each whole chicken leg weights approximately 250g. 

Just the facts 
- With bone and skin
- Locally sourced
- Raised without chemicals, antibiotics or hormones
- Frozen or defrosted 

The chicken has been frozen therefor we recommend not to refreeze it.