Chicken Thigh Boneless
¥67.50 /500g

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you that the cut of chicken with the richest, deepest flavor is the thigh. This dark meat packs more fat and more tender meat than the breast, resulting in decadent texture and full flavor. Our frozen chicken thighs are sold boneless with the skin on and are perfect for roasting, barbecuing, braising or frying up on the grill for heavenly crispy skin. They are also raised free of hormones or additives for natural, safe and succulent meat every time. 

Just the facts
- With skin
- Locally sourced
- Raised without chemicals, antibiotics or hormones 
- Available frozen or defrosted 

The chicken has been frozen therefor we recommend not to refreeze it.

Cooking tip
Perfect for roasting, barbecuing or even braising. Simply pop in the oven or on the grill for all the flavor of a roast chicken dinner, any day of the week.