Dry Aged Wagyu T-Bone Mishima
¥816.00 /800g

At Swiss Butchery you can find a premium selection of imported Mishima Reserve American Wagyu beef cuts. The Wagyu T-Bone Mishima is thick and tender, marbled and juicy with miles of beefy flavor. It guarantees a sensational steak or roast  experience. On top of that, it is packed with omega 3 and 6, and healthier mono-saturated fats. This is no ordinary beef. This is something amazing you have to try. 

Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef holds an abundance of intricate marbling throughout the meat. Their herd consists solely of Japanese-heritage full-blood Kuroge Washu bulls crossed with American cows, all born- and raised in the US. The cattle is long-fed, being fed grain for 25-28 months. Allowing the cattle to gain weight slowly maximizes the superior qualities of the Wagyu breed. No growth hormones or promotants are used, and because of Mishima's handle on their supply chain they are able to provide the best possible life to each of their cows. The cattle are finished over an extended period of 350 to 500 days and are fed only high-quality, vegetarian feeds - grass and grain, rolled corn, corn silage, alfalfa, barley, and wheat straw.

Just the facts

  1. - Imported from the US
  2. - Certified Kuroge Washu Wagyu
  3. - Mishima 5*
  4. - Fresh, never frozen