Dry Aged Ribeye Grain-Fed

The cube roll or Ribeye fillet sits between the chuck and the striploin muscles over the back of the animal and is a very tender, moist and flavourful cut of beef perfect for a special roasting occasion. Given its tender nature it can also be sliced into steaks to grill or strips to stir-fry. Our Certified Beef is imported chilled directly by us from New Zealand and never frozen. 

Just the facts 
- Imported from Australia
- Certified Beef Grain-fed 
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth 
- Fresh, never frozen 

What is dry aging?
Dry aging works by exposing the beef to a carefully controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity levels. In addition to an increase in tenderness, the flavor of the beef is altered during this process from a combination of bacteria, enzyme breakdown and oxidation. During the process the meat shrinks a lot because the water and collagen (what makes a steak tough) is broken down. So the result is a very tasty and tender cut of beef, unlike non-dry aged beefs.