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Oyster Blade Grain-Fed
¥67.50 /150g

Oyster blade is one of our butcher’s best-kept secrets. This underrated steak might not be the most famous, but it is one of the most versatile, and can be one of the most delicious. It is perfect for slow cooking in recipes like beef bourguignon or casserole and is ideal for roasting because is packed with gelatin, which softens while cooking to produce beef that is intensely rich, flavorful and sublimely tender. It can also be delicious grilled on a barbecue– just make sure to cook it on a lower heat to give this lesser-known steak the time it needs to shine.

Just the facts 
- Imported from New-Zealand 
- Certified Grain-Fed Beef 
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth 
- Fresh, never frozen