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Pork Lean Fresh Mince
¥54.00 /300g

Minced pork is the key to many of our favorite Chinese dishes, from stir-fried long beans to mapo doufu and, of course, dumplings. It is also a common ingredient in lots of classic Italian comfort foods like lasagna, meatballs or Bolognese as an addition to give those dishes an even more rounded, meaty flavor. You can also make it the star of the show for anyone that prefers pork to beef. Our minced pork is freshly ground daily from premium pork topside by our in-house butchers for maximum freshness. 

Just the facts

- Imported from Canada

- Has never been frozen

- No antibiotics or hormones from birth 

Cooking tip
Minced pork is perfect as an alternative or addition to minced beef in a lasagna or Bolognese sauce. It can equally be used for meatballs, dumplings, or burgers.