Dry Aged T-Bone / Short Loin

For those that truly love beef and want to taste it on a level like they never have before, dry-aging is the key. When beef is dry-aged, it is kept chilled for a long period of time in a low temperature, high humidity environment, reducing the water content of the beef by up to 30%. This leads to a rich, deep and concentrated dose of beefy flavor in every bite. For the best results, cook this dry-aged ribeye with dry methods like grilling and roasting to tease out its supreme, incomparable flavor. There’s a reason that dry-aging is the hottest trend in beef right now. 

1 T-Bone weighs approx. 700gr.

Just the facts 
- In house dry aged
- Imported from New Zealand
- Certified Beef Grain-fed
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth
- Fresh, never frozen

What is dry aging?
Dry aging works by exposing the beef to a carefully controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity levels. In addition to an increase in tenderness, the flavor of the beef is altered during this process from a combination of bacteria, enzyme breakdown and oxidation. During the process the meat shrinks a lot because the water and collagen (what makes a steak tough) is broken down. So the result is a very tasty and tender cut of beef, unlike non-dry aged beefs.