• 800g
Beef Angus Oxtail
¥206.40 /800g

Oxtail is the ultimate shortcut to rich, flavorful broths, sauces and stews, which is why it is the key ingredient in the beloved Italian dish osso bucco. It is rich in gelatin which cooks out and thickens any sauce it is in, providing an incredible depth of flavor and a sumptuous mouth-feel. The meat, although tough, is packed with flavor too. Leave it braising for three hours and you’ll be rewarded with some of the heartiest, most comforting dishes you’ve ever prepared. 

Just the facts
- Imported from New Zealand
- Certified Beef Grass-fed
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth
- Frozen by us.

Cooking tip
Beef Oxtail is perfect for rich, hearty stews, curries and soups. During cooking its gelatin melts into the broth, giving it rich body and a delightful mouth feel. Though oxtail has little meat, it is also very tasty. Slow braising in a liquid for at least 3 hours, is the preferred method to derive a tender result while drawing maximum flavor. It will taste even better if left to sit overnight.