Tenderloin Grass-Fed

When you want beef with a guaranteed heavenly texture, then you should go straight to the tenderloin. This lean cut of beef is low on fat and built for tenderness, making it an easy winner whether it’s roasted in the oven sliced into steaks. That versatility and effortlessly attainable tenderness make it a reliable safe bet for home cooks, too. This tenderloin comes from cattle raised in the lush grasslands of Canterbury, New Zealand on a natural diet that boosts vitamins and nutrients, making it an ideal addition to a balanced diet for you and your family. 

Just the facts 
- Imported from Canterbury, New-Zealand
- Fee-range 
- No preservatives or additives of any kind
- Fresh, never frozen
- Guaranteed food safety standards (USDA & EU approved)
- Halal certified

Cooking tip
With little or no fat or connective tissue, the fillet is best suited to portioning into steaks for pan-frying and barbecuing, or strips for stir-frying, but is equally delicious roasted whole in a very hot oven.