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Striploin Grass-Fed
¥76.00 /200g

Our grass-fed striploin comes from cattle raised on the fresh grass of Canterbury, New Zealand, one of the world’s greatest beef-producing regions. Its strict grass diet means that it is packed with nutrients, rich in iron, protein and B vitamins. Even better, it’s delicious too. Striploin is one of the world’s most popular cuts of beef because it provides the perfect balance of taste and texture, exquisitely tender yet satisfyingly rich with deep, intense flavor. It’s at its best when prepared with dry-cooking methods like grilling and roasting, which let all of its greatest qualities shine. 

Just the facts 
- Imported from Canterbury, New-Zealand
- Free-range 
- No preservatives or additives of any kind
- Fresh, never frozen
- Guaranteed food safety standards (USDA & EU approved)
- Halal certified