Smoked Natural Sea Salt 125g

The Falksalt brand was introduced as early as 1928 and is now the leading salt brand in Sweden. The family owned business has been around since 1830, under the name of Ab Hanson & Möring, making it one of the oldest salt-manufacturers in the world. Their products are world-class, and are found in many of the world's best kitchens.

Falksalt Smoked Natural Sea Salt brings an unexpected embellishment of flavor to seemingly ordinary foods. Chicken, steaks, hamburger, ribs, or even your own barbecue sauce tastes wonderful with a smoked hickory aroma. Be creative and add our Smoke variety to fries or popcorn for a whole new twist. The adventurous cook should oven-roast leeks with Falksalt Crystal Flakes Smoke to be rewarded with an extraordinary flavor combination.

Just the facts

  1. - Imported from Sweden
  2. - Company was established in 1830
  3. - Natural sea salt