• 500g


  • 600g
T-Bone / Short Loin Grain-Fed
¥260.00 /500g

The T-bone allows you to enjoy two succulent steaks in one, containing both a bold, flavorsome and rich short loin (or New York strip) on one side of the bone and a smaller, sumptuously tender filet mignon on the other. This is the cut for when you want to really indulge, when you don’t want to choose between tenderness and flavor and simply want to enjoy every sensory pleasure that great steak has to offer. What’s more, our t-bone is grain-fed for a deeper, richer flavor and imported fresh from New Zealand.  

1 T-Bone weighs approx. 600gr.

Just the facts
- Imported from New Zealand
- Certified Grain-fed
- No antibiotics or hormones from birth
- Fresh, never frozen